Pay for access model

We work with a “Pay for access” model

Pay for Access model works differently with the Pay for Work model. Here we are relied on different scheme of retainer payments to fuel the operations of firm.

The critical difference, however, is that client isn’t paying us for specific deliverables and work that we are going to be providing them. Instead, they’re paying to be able to access the consultant – her insights, her sense, her knowledge, her vision, her horizons, her solid experience, her expertise and her business network.

Hence the Pay for Access model works best when consultants are helping their clients to tap into a new market or discovering new opportunities. The clients need to talk with someone capable to listen and understand the ideas of the clients.

Meanwhile, the consultants will share their knowledge, experience, expertise, best in class practices, local context, the most updated local happenings, and bit by bit to establish a professional network for work, as well as a buddy network for the clients. Such networking solutions are the very exclusive services that not many consultants in Hong Kong are resourceful enough to do it.

Consequently, in case it looks like Pay for Work fee scheme is a more suitable option. For example, a client needs to revamp his website, or a corporation needs to set up a temporary task force for a global HRIS system migration, the agile team at Sonia So and Associates would be about to cover such kind of project-based assignment.

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